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Apr 25th
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1 Instructions to Insight Meditation 12064
2 Insight Meditation: Basic and Progressive Stages 8445
3 The Progress of Insight 7744
4 Realizing the Eightfold Noble's Path through Vipassana Meditation 6229
5 Way to Nibbana through Vipassana Meditation 8065
6 Practicing Vipassana Meditation without Jhana 5466
7 Practicing Vipassana Meditation with Jhana 5797
8 Introduction to Vipassana Meditation 5384
9 How to Practice Samatha Meditation 18095
10 Tranquility VS Insight 7432
11 The Difference between Samatha and Vipassana Meditations 11915
12 What is Meditation 5105

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" Thus, there is the acquisition of demerit, and there is rebirth in the evil apaya realms. The enjoyment of a scared man with a scared woman is short-lived, and the king also metes out severe punishment. Therefore, a man should not commit sexual misconduct with another man's wife. "

The Dhammapada

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