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May 28th
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Books by U Silananda Sayadaw

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The books and talks in this section are from the courtesy of TBSA (Theravada Buddhist Society of America). They are free for downloads, but if you wish to distribute them in any way, please ask permission from TBSA.


In order to read the books, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF file reader. Please download and install the free reader. [ Download ]


The Talks in Books

  1. Gems of Mahasi Thought
    Selections and explanations of the various talks made by the Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw.
  2. Meditation Subjects to Rahula
    A on the various meditation subjects that were given by the Buddha to Ven. Rahula.
  3. Mindful Eating
    A talk dedicated to explain the practice of mindfulness during eating.
  4. Removal of Distracting Thoughts
    A talk dedicated to the removal of distracting thoughts during the practice of meditation .
  5. Seven Spiritual Treasures
    The talk relates to the story of Ven. Suppabuddha and explains the seven kinds of spiritual treasures that he possesses .
  6. The Balance of Faculties
    A talk dedicated to the balance of faculties during meditation.
  7. An Introduction to Meditation
    An introduction to what is meditation, the benefit of meditation, and the practice of mindfulness.
  8. The Eightfold Path
    The talk talks about how the Eightfold Path is accomplished during the practice of Vipassana meditation.
  9. The First Stages of Purity
    This talk talks about the concept of Vipassana meditation in relation to the practice of morality, concentration, and wisdom, and the stages of achievements in Vipassana.
  10. The Knower and The Known
    This talk explains several extracts from Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw's "To Nibbana via the Eightfold Noble Path."
  11. The Object of Vipassana
    A talk dedicated to the objects one may meditate on during the Vipassana meditation.
  12. The Wedding Talk
    A talk dedicated to the wedding ceremony in Buddhism.
  13. Three Stages of Development
    A talk dedicated to the teaching of "To refrain from all evil, to do what is good, to purify the mind, this is the teaching of the Buddhas."
  14. Two Kinds of Concentration
    A talk dedicated to the difference between right and wrong concentrations.
  15. Understanding of Yogis
    A talk to investigate some writings that were written by practicing meditators.
  16. Weaver's Daughter
    A talk dedicated to a story that happened in the Buddha's time and what one may learn from the story.

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" O Bhikkhu, meditate, and do not be unmindful; do not let your mind rejoice in sensual pleasures. Do not be unmindful and swallow the (hot) lump of iron; as you burn (in niraya), do not cry, "This, indeed, is suffering". "

The Dhammapada

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