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Feb 05th
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What is Nibbana - Is Cessation Nibbana

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What is Nibbana
Is Cessation Nibbana
The Uncaused
Modes of Production
The Bliss of Nibbana
Description of Nibbana
The Realization of Nibbana
Where is Nibbana
How can One Realize Nibbana
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Is Cessation Nibbana

"Yes, O king. All foolish worldlings take pleasure in the senses and their objects; they find delight in them and cling to them. Hence they are carried down by the flood [of passion] and are not released from birth and suffering. However, the wise disciple of the noble ones does not delight in those things. So craving ceases in him. Thence, attachment ceases, becoming ceases, birth ceases, old age, death, grief, lamentation, pain, sorrow and despair cease to exist. Thus it is that cessation is nibbāna."

"Does everyone attain nibbāna?"

"Not all, O king; but whoever conducts himself rightly, understands what should be understood, perceives what should be perceived, abandons what should be abandoned, develops what should be developed and realises what should be realised; he attains nibbāna."

"Can one who has not attained nibbāna know that it is blissful?"

"Yes indeed, O king. As those who have not had their hands and feet cut off can know how painful a condition it is by the cries of those who have; so can those who have not attained nibbāna know it is blissful by hearing the joyful words of those who have attained it."

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" If there is no wound on the hand, one may handle poison; poison does not affect one who has no wound; there can be no evil for one who has no evil intention. "

The Dhammapada

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